Reviving the Soul of Teaching: Balancing Metrics and Magic

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'This book is wonderful. My colleagues often state that the joy has been taken out of teaching. This book is a wake-up call that should be read by lawmakers at every level. Today I am celebrating the childhood of my students-something that we forget to do.' - Christine Zajac, Principal Lt. Clayre Sullivan School, Holyoke, MA
There is more to education than teacher-proof curricula and scores on high-stakes tests!
Educators know that genuine teaching involves caring, compassion, and building character-principles that can sometimes take a back seat to short-term goals of standardized performance. This inspirational volume for practicing teachers, student teachers, and school leaders champions the heart and soul of teaching and emphasizes how teachers can influence, inspire, and touch the lives of learners. The book explores the central themes of teaching practice and offers perspectives on:
- Teaching as an art that promotes creativity, character, and imagination in students
- Balancing testing and accountability with the art and passion of teaching
- Authentic being and authentic teaching
- Reform from the ground level, where educators are making a difference in the lives of their students
- New directions for accountability mandates
A motivating and empowering guide, this book reminds educators why they went into teaching in the first place!


Foreword by Leonard O. Pellicer
About the Authors
Preface: A Family of Teachers
Introduction: Teaching: Past and Prologue
Historical Roots
Current Realities
Schools as Organizations
Balancing Measurements and Magic
Starbucks and 3M: Restoring Balance
1. Reconfirming the Soul of Teaching
Soulful Wisdom
Supportive Folklore and Narrative
Bumbling Passion
Cacophony of Theologies
The Miracle of Saturn
2. Making a Difference: The Core of Teaching
Sonny and the Backhoe
Learning From Excuses
From Porsche to Prose
Students as Candles, Teachers as Mirrors
Sorting Out What Really Matters
3. School Reform: A Ground-Level Perspective
The Paradox of Change
Teachers' Outlook
Human Touch: The Endangered Ingredient
Janet Hart's Touch
Missing the Boat
Parents' Apprehension
Student Qualms
Recalibration NCLB
4. Being Real: The Authentic Teacher
The Patchwork of Teaching
Miss Juhl
George Savo
Yin and Yang
The Inner Path
The Sultan of Spunk
Finding you Genuineness
5. You Gotta Believe
God Is Dead
God Is Alive and Well
The Pygmalion Effect
Belief Spawns Verve
Saved From the Sharks
Pale Gray to Hot Pink
Hot Pink Tigers
6. Setting the Spirit Free
The Legacy of Hisory
The Potency of Symbols and Slogans
The Inspiration of Heroes
The Bonding of Rituals
The Grandeur of Ceremonies
The Magic of Stories
7. Speaking Up: Voices from the Trenches
Tuning Out, Signing Up, or Speaking Out?
Teachers Speak Their Minds
Balancing Metrics and Magic
8. Charting a New Course
Hidden Costs
New Directions for NCLB's Intentions
Threats to Global Advantage
Some New Wrinkles
Simple Things Mean A LOT
Reviving the Magic


Terrence E. Deal is the Irving R. Melbo Professor at University of Southern California's Rossier School. He is an internationally known lecturer and author who has written numerous books on leadership and organizations. In addition to those written with Lee Bolman, he is the coauthor of Corporate Cultures (with Alan Kennedy, 1982) and Shaping School Culture (with Kent Peterson, 1999).


"True education extends beyond mastery of skills and captures a child's heart and soul. This book provides a common language for parent-teacher communication."
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