The Miss Stone Affair: America's First Modern Hostage Crisis

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Juli 2004



On September 3, 1901, a Protestant missionary named Ellen Stone set out on horseback across the mountainous hinterlands of Balkan Macedonia and was ambushed by a band of armed revolutionaries.In "The Miss Stone Affair, " Teresa Carpenter re-creates an event that captured the attention of the world and posed a dilemma for incoming president Theodore Roosevelt. Should he send in the Navy or not? And, if so, send it where? Drawing upon a wealth of contemporary correspondence and documents, Carpenter constructs a narrative that is suspenseful, harrowing, and at times even comical. It is a story for our time.


"Edmonton Journal" Wow. This book is amazing -- part adventure tale, part cautionary parable. It is proof that first-rate nonfiction need be neither boring nor pedantic. It can, in the hands of a brilliant writer, take even the most obscure and forgotten of events as its subject and still fascinate and educate.
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