Dante and the Origins of Italian Literary Culture

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November 2006



In recent years Barolini has been publishing some of the most original, skillfully argued, and elegantly expressed essays on medieval Italian literature currently available...This books appearance is an important event for Italian and medieval studies. -- "Choice"


TEODOLINDA BAROLINI, past President of the Dante Society of America, is Lorenzo Da Ponte Professor of Italian at Columbia University. She is the author of Dante's Poets: Textuality and Truth in the Comedy and The Undivine Comedy: Detheologizing Dante, and the co-editor, with H. Wayne Storey, of Dante for the New Millennium (Fordham).


"An autobiographical, self-reflexive meditation that traces the critic's remarkable routes of growth into a world-class scholar." - Giuseppe Mazzotta, Yale University "Barolini is one of the finest close readers around, both intra-textually and inter-textually, with a special gift for putting the telling detail at the service of a global interpretation. This gathering of her saggi sparsi will be most welcome to all students of Italy's 'three crowns.'" - Albert Russell Ascoli, University of California, Berkeley"
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