Trapped on Kooky Island

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November 2004



As a band of wayward combatants approaches thirteen-year-old adventureseeking Tye Johnson and his parents, he wonders if he chose the right time to travel with his father, Captain Dencey Johnson, a former naval officer with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Legend has it that one of The Bahamas seven hundred islands, Kooky Island, may hold the clues to some of the nations unsolved mysteries. Will the Johnsons be courageous and overcome the menacing Ricardo Santos? Or will they hide their faith and become prisoners trapped on Kooky Island? Authors Tellis and Teri Bethel have teamed up to write an exciting adventure story for young people. Tellis, a naval officer, and Teri, an interior designer and artist by profession, are both former associate pastors and youth directors of one of The Bahamas leading churches. The couple resides in Nassau, Bahamas, with their two sons, Tellis Jr. and Tate.

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