Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt

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Mai 2000



Addressing such questions as "Are You Saved, or Are You Presbyterian?" and "Is the Bible the Literal Word of God or Just a Long, Boring Book?" this is an easy-to-understand, slightly irreverent appraoch to theology and the kind of theological musings that many youth and others have today. Bring Presbyterian in the Bible Belt Today helps Presbyterian young people articulate their faith and respond to these questions from a mainline point of view.


Ted V. Foote Jr. is Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bryan, Texas. P. Alex Thornburg has served pastorates in Stillwater, Owasso, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
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Untertitel: A Theological Survival Guide for Youth, Parents, and Other Confused Presbyterians. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Geneva Press
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2000
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