Exploring Corrections: A Book of Readings

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September 2001



This collection of contemporary readings offers a frank exploration of corrections in the United States today.
This ground-breaking reader explores issues in corrections by touring the underside of prison life, issues in prison administration, and the most hopeful alternatives to incarceration. The book presents contrasting views on what is needed to improve corrections, including: more control, more inmate participation, or more and better alternatives to prison. Selections highlight current issues, including some of the hottest topics in today's headlines: Who Gets Convicted and Punished?; Living and Working in Prisons and Jails; Do Prisons Work?; Do Alternatives to Prison Work Better?


I. WHO GETS CONVICTED AND WHY? Reading 1: America's Imprisonment Binge: An Overview of the Book by John Irwin and James Austin, Tara Gray. Reading 2: The Forgotten Offender: Women in Prison, Meda Chesney-Lind. Reading 3: Corrections: A Picture in Black and White, Samuel Walker, Casia Spohn and Miriam DeLone. Reading 4: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison: An Overview of the Book by Jeffrey Reiman, Tara Gray. II. LIVING AND WORKING IN PRISON AND JAIL. Reading 5: The Persistent Problems Plaguing Womens Jails, Linda L. Zupan. Reading 6: Life on the Inside: The Jailers, Andrew Metz. Reading 7: Working as a Prison Guard, Gary L. Webb and David G. Morris. Reading 8: Guards Imprisoned: An Overview of the Book by Lucien X. Lombardo, Tara Gray. Reading 9: Living in a Juvenile Prison, Clemens Bartollas. Reading 10: Life In the Belly of the Beast: Violence and the State-Raised Convict, Robert Johnson. Reading 11: The Hole: Solitary Confinement, Jack Abbott. Reading 12: Living and Working on Death Row, Robert Johnson. Reading 13: Lethal Lottery, Nina Siegal. Reading 14: Critical Problems of Women in Prison, Phyllis Jo Baunach. Reading 15: Stopping Abuse in Prison, Nina Siegal. III. PRISON ADMINISTRATION. Reading 16: Why Inmate Participation is Better When Managing Prisons, Tara Gray and Jon'a Meyer. Reading 17: Why More Control is Better When Governing Prisons, John J. DiIulio, Jr. Reading 18: Unit Management in Prisons and Jails: An Overview of the Book by Robert Levinson, Tara Gray. Participatory Models. Reading 19: The Missing x-Factor: Trust, Tom Peters. Reading 20: Group Norms in a Reform School Without Locks and Bars: An Overview of the Book by Grissom and Dubnov, Charles Shireman. Reading 21: Readaptation: Work and Family in a Mexican Prison Village, Jon'a Meyer. Control Mechanisms. Reading 22: The Need for More Control in The Society of Captives, Gresham Sykes. Reading 22: How to Increase the Rate of Prison Violence And Why, James Gilligan. Reading 24: 'Chemical Shackles' as a Control Mechanism, Victor Hassine. Reading 25: Changes in Prison Culture: Prison Gangs and the Case of the "Pepsi Generation", Geoffrey Hunt, Stephanie Riegel, Tomas Morales, and Dan Waldorf. Reading 26: Control Units as a Control Mechanism, Fay Dowker and Glenn Good. IV. DO PRISONS WORK? DOES REHABILITATION WORK? Reading 27: A Defense of Prisons, Orville B. Pung. Reading 28: Prisons Don't Work, Donald J. Newman. Reading 29: Rehabilitation, James Q. Wilson. Reading 30: Rehabilitation Can Work, Elliott Currie. V. DO ALTERNATIVES TO PRISON WORK? Reading 31: Evaluating Correctional Boot Camp Programs, Angela Gover, Gaylene Styve, and Doris Layton MacKenzie. Reading 32: Working in a Boot Camp, Linda R. Acorn. Reading 33: Working as a Federal Probation Officer, Jane Pierson, Thomas L. Densmore, John M. Shevlin, Omar Madruga, and Terry Childers. Reading 34: Intensive Probation Supervision, Billie S. Erwin and Lawrence A. Bennett. Reading 35: Shaming Offenders, Douglas Litowitz. Reading 36: Community Service for Offenders, Julie C. Martin. Reading 37: Restitution Programs, Richard Lawrence. Reading 38: Restorative Justice And Mediation, Mark Umbreit.
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