Chinese Popular Culture and the State

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April 2001



"The State Question in Chinese Popular Culture "presents a series of groundbreaking essays that challenge the paradigm dividing Chinese culture into "official" and "unofficial" categories. This binary, which mirrors the "high/low" dichotomy familiar to all practitioners of cultural studies, finds its roots in Cold-War Western romanticization of a Chinese popular culture that stood in defiant opposition to the Communist state. This special issue disputes such simplistic representations and offers new critical trajectories crucial to the study of contemporary Chinese popular culture.


Contributors. Tani E. Barlow, Dai Jinhua, Judith Farquhar, David S. G. Goodman, James L. Hevia, Li Hsiao-t'i, Ralph Litzinger, Eric Kit-Wa Ma, Jonathan Scott Noble, Jing Wang Table of Contents A Critical Introduction: The Chinese "Popular": Agendas and Methodologies / Jing Wang Making a Name and a Culture for the Masses in Modern China / Li Hsiao-t'i "Culture" as Leisure and "Culture" as Capital / Jing Wang For Your Reading Pleasure: Self-Health (Ziwo baojian) Information in 1990s Beijing / Judith Farquhar Re-Advertising Hong Kong: Nostalgia Industry and Popular History / Eric Kit-Wai Ma Behind Global Spectacle and National Image-Making / Dat Jinhua A Poetics and Politics of Possession: Taiwanese Spirit-Medium Cults and Autonomous Popular Cultural Space / Peter Nickerson World Heritage, National Culture, and the Restoration of Chengde / James L. Hevia Commentaries Contending the "Popular": Party-State and Culture / David S. G. Goodman Government from Below: The State, the Popular, and the Illusion of Autonomy / Ralph Litzinger What is Wanting? / Tani E. Barlow
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