Workouts for Dummies?

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Every few months a new diet, wonder drug, or workout machine hits the market promising instantaneous results. Unfortunately, none of these fads ever seems to work.


Introduction. PART I: Getting Started. Chapter 1: Motivate Your Mind, Exercise Your Body. Chapter 2: The "Where" and "Wear" of Working Out: Shoes, Clothes, and More. Chapter 3: Warming Up, Cooling Down, and Stretching. Chapter 4: Listening to Your Body: Injury Prevention. PART II: My Body Type's Best Workout. Chapter 5: The Mesomorph Body Type. Chapter 6: Life as an Ectomorph. Chapter 7: The Endomorph Body Type. Chapter 8: Your Personalized Workout Program. PART III: Upper-Body Workouts. Chapter 9: Cardiovascular Exercise. Chapter 10: Flex Your Pecs: Arm and Chest Exercises. Chapter 11: Carry the Weight of the World: Back and Shoulder Exercises. PART IV: Lower-Body Workouts. Chapter 12: Crunch Time: Awesome Abdominal Exercises. Chapter 13: Strong, Fit Legs: Leg Exercises. Chapter 14: I Love My Thighs: Inner and Outer Thigh Exercises. Chapter 15: Firm Those Buns: Bun Exercises. PART V: Special Workouts at Home, on the Road, in the Office, or at the Gym. Chapter 16: A Home Workout with an Exercise Band. Chapter 17: Hotel and Travel Workouts. Chapter 18: Working Out at Work. Chapter 19: Working Out at the Gym. Chapter 20: Special Workouts for Special Needs: Pregnancy, Seniors, and Kids. PART VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 21: My Ten Favorite Exercises and Why You Should Do Them. Chapter 22: Tamilee's Top Ten Workout Videos. Chapter 23: My Ten Favorite Fitness Books. PART VII: Appendixes. Appendix A: Exercise Program Chart. Appendix B: Finding Fitness on the Web. Index. Book Registration Information.


Tamilee Webb, star of 22 Buns of Steel videos and author of The Rubber Band Workout and Step Up to Fitness, can currently be seen on cable TV's Health Network.
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