The Japanese Way, Second Edition

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Have a successful trip to Japan by learning its culture and the ways of its people
The Japanese Way is your handy guide to understanding how people from every corner of Japan think, do business, and act in their daily lives--helpful advice if you are traveling for business or pleasure. Organized alphabetically, the book is an indispensable reference to the common as well as the divergent cultural traits of the Japanese. The book shows you how the Japanese celebrate holidays, interact with one another, resolve daily problems, and view and deal with the outside world. You'll also get insight on the rich and varied historical traditions that have shaped the modern culture of Asia's most progressive nation.
  • Includes the 89 "trait" chapters address specific characteristics of the Japanese people to explain their culture to Western readers
  • Features a free 15-minute download based on the first 10 chapters
Topics include: Pronunciation and Romanization; 89 Key Traits of the Japanese; Sources and Related Readings


Introduction; Pronunciation and Romanization; 89 Key Traits of the Japanese; Sources and Related Readings; Index


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