Russian Azerbaijan, 1905 1920: The Shaping of a National Identity in a Muslim Community

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Russian Azerbaijan, 1905-1920 describes the rise of national identity among the Azerbaijanis - the Turkic-speaking Muslims of Russia's borderland with Iran - at the opening of the twentieth century. The principal focus is on the period from the Russian Revolution of 1905, when the Azerbaijanis began to articulate their national aspirations, until the establishment of the Soviet Azerbaijani Republic in 1920. The central theme of the book is the emergence of ideas, and then actions, that would create a new collective identity among the Muslims - a sense of nationality.


Preface; Maps; 1. A century of Russian rule; 2. The 1905 Revolution and Azerbaijani political awakening; 3. The era of war and revolutions: ideologies, programs, and political orientations; 4. Transition to nationhood: in quest of autonomy; 5. Transition to nationhood: transcaucasian federalism; 6. The Azerbaijani nation-state; 7. The coming of Soviet power; Conclusion; Abbreviations; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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