Exercises in Fourier Analysis

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August 1993



A collection of exercises in Fourier analysis, complied as a companion to the author's successful An Introduction to Fourier Analysis.


1. Fourier series; 2. Some differential equations; 3. Orthogonal series; 4. Fourier transforms; 5. Further developments; 6. Other directions; Appendices; Index.


"...well-spiced with historical anecdotes and other remarks which enliven the pure mathematics and put a human face on it...presents provocative illustrations and problems with leading questions and discussions to guide the reader...mathematics libraries will feel the need for more than a single copy." Applied Mathematics Review "One of the merits of Korner's book is that many exercises are designed to make the reader aware of subtleties... Teachers who need examination problems will find this book a valuable reference...very readable...a useful graduate course text for mathematics and physics departments...It will be also of greatest interest to mathematicians seeking applications in physics." Optics and Photonics News "...beautiful, unusual, and original..." Quarterly of Applied Mathematics "Chapter by chapter exercises for the author's splendid Fourier Analysis." American Mathematical Monthly "...entirely readable by any one already fairly expert in the field of Fourier analysis. The nature of each example is clearly stated and helpful hints on methods of solution are provided." A.D. Booth, Physics in Canada
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