Remus: A Roman Myth

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November 1995



Professor Wiseman provides, for the first time, a detailed analysis of all the variants of the story, and a historical explanation for its origin and development. His conclusions offer important new insights, both into history and ideology of pre-imperial Rome and into the methods and motives of myth-creation in a non-literate society.


1. A too familiar story; 2. Multiform and manifold; 3. When and where; 4. What the Greeks said; 5. Italian evidence; 6. The Lupercalia; 7. The arguments; 8. The life and death of Remus; 9. The uses of a myth; 10. The other Rome; Appendix: Versions of the foundation of Rome.


"...a pleasure to read and will lead, one hopes, to renewed interest in the myth of the foundation of Rome and its central characters." Religious Studies Review "[This] wonderfully clear narrative demonstrates the best of contempoary scholarship..." Choice "...[a] wild and wonderful book." Times Literary Supplement "...Wiseman packs several centuries worth of primary sources and scholarship into a delightfully written argument. Wiseman's Remus is required reading for anyone with an interest in Roman mythology, history, or literature." Cynthia Bannon, Folklore Forum
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