White Queen: May French-Sheldon and the Imperial Origins of American Feminist Identity

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April 2004



..". Boisseau recontextualizes U.S. feminism in the cinematic 20thcentury. White Queen challenges the narratives we have told about ourselves andilluminates the imperialism and celebrity worship that lurks within Americanfeminism yet today." -- Lee Quinby, Harter Chair, Hobart and WilliamSmith Colleges
May French-Sheldon's improbable public career beganwith an expedition throughout East Africa in 1891. She led a large entourage dressedin a long, flowing white dress and blonde wig, with a sword and pistol strapped toher side. As the "first woman explorer of Africa," she claimed to haveinspired both awe and trust in the Africans she encountered, and as her celebritygrew, she reinvented herself as a messenger of civilization and "racialuplift." Tracey Jean Boisseau's insightful reading of the "WhiteQueen" exposes the intertwined connections between popular notions of Americanfeminism, American national identity, and the reorientation of Euro-Americanimperialism at the turn of the century.


Introduction: A Tale of Imperial Feminism Part I. First Woman Explorer of Africa: The 1891 Expedition The Caravan Trek to Kilimanjaro; Self-Discovery; Forging a Feminine Colonial Method; Sex and the Sultans; Confessions of a White Queen Part II. Agent for Empire: Interventions in Central and West Africa, 1903-1908 An Imperial Spy in the Congo; A Plantation Mistress in Liberia Part III. Feminist for a New Generation: Mastering Femininity in 1920s America Taking Feminism on the Road; Masquerading as the Subject of Feminism; The Queen, the Sheik, the Sultana, and the Female Spectator; Conclusion: The White Queen in the Mirror, or Reflections on the Construction of White Feminist Identity


Tracey Jean Boisseau is currently an assistant professor of cultural and women's history in the Department of History at the University of Akron. She has published articles on May French-Sheldon in Signs and Gender and History and recently edited a new edition of Sultan to Sultan (first published in 1892 by May French-Sheldon).
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