The Romance of the Rose and Its Medieval Readers: Interpretation, Reception, Manuscript Transmission

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The Romance of the Rose was one of the most important works of medieval vernacular literature. It was composed in the thirteenth century and exerted a profound influence on literature in France, England, The Netherlands, and Italy for the next 200 years. In this book, Sylvia Huot investigates how medieval readers understood the text, assessing the evidence to be found in well over 200 surviving manuscripts: annotations, glosses, illuminations, marginal doodles, rewritings, expansions, and abridgements. This allows a picture to emerge of the interests and concerns of its readers, including such important fourteenth-century figures as the monastic author Guillaume de Deguilleville and the court poet Guillaume de Machaut. The book contains analyses of individual versions of the poem, and brings to light much previously unpublished material. It offers a completely new perspective on the interpretative difficulties of this learned and complex poem.


List of illustrations; List of figures; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Perspectives on the Roman de la Rose: The text and its manuscript transmission; 2. Intertextual readings of the Rise: marginal glosses and readers' annotations; 3. The profitable, pleasurable Rose: the remaniement of Gui de Mori; 4. Adapting Jean de Meun to Guillaume de Lorris: The Rose of the B manuscripts; 5. Transforming the mirror of lovers: manuscripts of the second group; 6. 'Expose sur le Roman de la Rose': rewriting the Rose in the Pelerinage de vie humaine; 7. Poet of love and nature: Guillaume de Machaut and the Rose; 8. Sacred and erotic love: the visual gloss of MS Bibl. Nat. fr. 25526; 9. Conclusions: the protean Rose; Appendices; List of manuscripts cited; Bibliography of works cited.
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