Stagestruck Vampires

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Themes of transgression, eroticism, and violence thread through this retrospective collection of short stories and essays. A psychotherapist falls under the spell of her vampire patient in "Unicorn Tapestry" and in "Beauty and the Opera or the Phantom Beast," an evil maestro finds redemption in his lovely pupil, and additional essays "Art Is Long" and "The Stagestruck Vampire" offer autobiographical reflections on the art of writing. Combining lush prose with a biting wit, this terrifying collection will appeal to fans of fantasy, romance, horror, and character-driven suspense.


Suzy McKee Charnas's ground-breaking novel "The Vampire Tapestry" was a popular and critically acclaimed exploration of the vampire mythos. The Holdfast Chronicles, a quartet of books that has been hailed as a great work of feminist science fiction, garnered her several Tiptree Awards. She has also won the Hugo, Nebula, and Mythopoeic awards. Charnas adapted "The Vampire Tapestry" into a two-act play entitled "Vampire Dreams." The play had runs in both San Francisco and New York, debuting as part of Springfest in San Francisco in 1990.


"Scary and suspenseful ... unputdownable." --Stephen King "The best vampire novel I have ever read." --Peter S. Beagle, author, The Last Unicorn "There are no lightweight tales here." --SFRevu "Amply displays [Morrow's] ability to juggle absurdity, tragedy, irony, and outrage." -- Locus
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