Global Taiwan: Building Competitive Strengths in a New International Economy: Building Competitive Strengths in a New International Economy

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Global Taiwan examines the impact of globalization on the industry and economy of Taiwan since the spectacular growth of the 1990s.


1. Globalization and the Future of the Taiwan Miracle, Suzanne Berger and Richard K. Lester;
2. Industry Co-Evolution: A Comparison of Taiwan and North American Electronics Contract Manufacturers, Timothy J. Sturgeon and Ji-Ren Lee;
3. Leading, Following or Cooked Goose? Explaining Innovation Successes and Failures in Taiwan's Electronics Industry, Douglas B. Fuller, Akintunde I. Akinwande, and Charles G. Sodini;
4. A Tale of Two Sectors: Diverging Paths in Taiwan's Automotive Industry, Edward Cunningham, Teresa Lynch, and Eric Thun;
5. Moving Along the Electronics Value Chain: Taiwan in the Global Economy, Douglas B. Fuller;
6. From NAFTA to China? Production Shifts and Their Implications for Taiwanese Firms, Marcos Ancelovici and Sara Jane McCaffrey;
7. Innovation and the Limits of State Power: IC Design and Software in Taiwan, Dan Breznitz;
8. Cross-Straits Integration and Industrial Catch-up: How Vulnerable Is the Taiwan Miracle to an Ascendant Mainland? Edward S. Steinfeld
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