Jagged with Love

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Oktober 2005



Susanna Childress writes with an earnest desire to understand things physical and things spiritual. What results is a first collection of provocative, honest poetry that explores various human predicaments: a cancer-ridden wife, an explosive father, an infertile couple, various sexual aggressors, a missing girl. Such careful portraiture provokes the reader to consider the complexity of human love: how selfishness, fear, lust and even brutality might coincide with tenderness and loyalty. Ms. Childress' writing is refreshingly naive and clear, her voice essentially inquisitive. She is brave enough to look at the darkness of the world, but she is more courageous to hope.


Susanna Childress is finishing her Ph.D. in creative writing at Florida State University and this is her first book. She lives in Tallahassee.


"She is a thousand pieces, scraped together. Debutantes, all. This holy water. His arms, each like men themselves, bustling under the whole skin of the arms, strong solid men, she wants to pull them together, dry skin, dry dark skin, arms like men." - excerpt from "Supernova Love Shah" "She writes with grace about love and lust, and she unfailingly delivers rhythmic and linguistic pleasures to her lucky readers as they follow the course of these inquisitive, unpredictable poems." - Billy Collins"
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