Out of the Bottle, Into the Light

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Juni 2012



Typically, I would travel to Jonathan's home to sleep after my last shift at the steakhouse. Each night, I was exhausted and anxious. I sometimes sat in my car in the driveway to unwind. Albeit, I was drinking, as I knew it was not in my best interest to drink after entering the house. Unfortunately, it would be the last night sitting in the car in my son's driveway. For whatever reason, that night, my son called the police and had me arrested in his driveway.

As long as I live, I will never forget looking out from the backseat of the patrol car as my son and his wife took my belongings from the car.

Susan's journey into the dark depths of alcoholism began after years of childhood abuse and her divorce. It started small, with a few nights of social drinking. But as life threw tragedy after tragedy in her path, she spent more nights with the bottle. Soon her life was filled with failed detox programs, DUIs, broken relationships, and days in prison. It took the tough love of her son to inspire her to make an unorthodox decision that would finally put her on the road to recovery.

In this heartbreaking and powerful memoir, Susan details the life of an alcoholic who preferred darkness to light. Her story will resonate with anyone who has been affected by the disease of alcoholism and provide comfort and encouragement that will set readers on the path to recovery.
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