The Geographical Imagination in America 1880-1950

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Januar 2003



In this rich and fascinating history, Susan Schulten tells a story of Americans beginning to see the world around them, tracing U.S. attitudes toward world geography from the end of nineteenth-century exploration to the explosion of geographic interest before the dawn of the Cold War. Focusing her examination on four influential institutions--maps and atlases, the National Geographic Society, the American university, and public schools--Schulten provides an engaging study of geography, cartography, and their place in popular culture, politics, and education.


Susan Schulten is assistant professor of history at the University of Denver.


"Schulten steps up to the challenge of producing a full-length work about the political economy of mapmaking.... An ambitious history of the rise of popular cartography in the United States." - Nicholas Lemann, The New Yorker "A well-documented account of how politics, history and culture influenced the study and presentation of geography.... Theory is wisely balanced by a hodgepodge of odd and interesting facts about maps, politics and American cultural trends." - Publishers Weekly "An important new work.... Schulten's original synthesis ranges widely and insightfully from the effects of war on map design to map projection as a reflection of how Americans saw themselves as an emergent world power." - Mark Monmonier, author of How to Lie with Maps and Air Apparent
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