Getting Libraries the Credit They Deserve: A Festschrift in Honor of Marvin H. Scilken

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This work, a compilation of essays by library professionals, consists of eight topical chapters covering all aspects of Scilken's contribution to the public library world, including the history and contents of The U*L, his achievements as library director, a summary of his accomplishments within the context of ALA, examples of his resolutions and communications, a summary of ideas for promotional use of library materials, his work mentoring, and supporting individual librarians, and his views on ethical professional service. An important read for library students and information professionals, and for individuals active in ALA. This title deserves a place on the shelves of every public library, preferably right next to a certain outspoken serial.


Part 1 A Meaningful Professional Life Part 2 In His Own Words Part 3 Tributes and Biographies Part 4 Bibliography: Selected Publications by and about Marvin H. Scilken


Loriene Roy is Professor of Library Information Science at the University of Texas, Austin. She co-edited Library and Information Studies Education in the United States (1998), and has over one hundred other publications to her credit. Antony Cherian is a graduate student at the University of Texas, Austin. He has worked in public libraries on three continents.


The book is comprehensively indexed...Interesting, and indeed inspirational. Provides valuable insights from Marvin Scilken's long career as a passionate advocate for American libraries. Australian Library Journal Read the book to learn a bit about ALA Council and about some of the issues libraries have faced during the past thirty years. Read the book to meet or remember a colleague who had a unique voice and was an advocate for library patrons, our profession, and for 'getting libraries the credit they deserve.' Serials Review Every aspect of [Scilken's] vast contributions to the library world is covered in these essays by his peers...A must for professional library collections. Public Library Quarterly This book is a Godsend...Techies and technophobes alike should make room on their desks for Getting Libraries the Credit They Deserve. Marvin's legacy is a gift to all of us, and hats off to Roy and Cherian for their efforts to preserve it. Free Range Librarian
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