Love Street

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April 2001



You have never read a book like Susan Perly's first novel "Love Street." Open it anywhere, and out comes the voice of Miss Mercy, late-night radio DJ in New Orleans with her jive talk and old vinyl platters. Sam Cooke, Percy Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Van Morrison, Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell, war, art, peacetime -- Miss Mercy talks to the lonely. She swings, she bebops, growls, prays, plays blues, soul, jazz, R&B. Miss Mercy is the modern woman of all ages. She is lo-fi, urban, mysterious. She is wacky, she cascades sheets of sound. Remember when you used to listen to a radio under your pillow? "Love Street" is a radio novel from that world. Miss Mercy -- the sultry vinyl pirate, the Mistress of the Mike -- aims to seduce you. To remind you of the fun of words, to woo you back to the love of reading.


Susan Perly has worked as a radio producer at CBC. In the early '80s her Letters from Latin America for Peter Gzowski's 'Morningside' reported from locales such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Chiapas. During the Iran-Iraq war she broadcast Letters from Baghdad. She also produced many documentaries for 'Sunday Morning' during that time.Perly's short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and in the anthology Hard Times. 'Jesus and the Toucan' won second prize in the CBC Literary Competition in 1988 and was dramatized with Don Francks. It was her story, '1956: an excerpt' (about Thelonious Monk and Glenn Gould), which led to the use of jazz as both subject and model in her writing. She has performed parts of Love Street with jazz musicians in Toronto.Susan Perly lives in Toronto with her husband, the poet Dennis Lee.


'Love Street is Toronto writer Susan Perly's first book. In it she fuses her experience as a war correspondent, her considerable opinions on a wide range of subjects and a love of jazz to create the astonishing Miss Mercy. Beware when Miss Mercy says: "Let me be intimate with you." She means it. There is an intensity to her that embarrasses. You wish you didn't know about her shingles or what happened in that elevator. You go to turn her off but you can't, because she's funny, provocative and cool, because she knows the truth of our condition.' Globe & Mail
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