Iconography: A Writer's Meditation

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September 2003



When Susan Neville enrolls in an icon-painting class in the cellar of an Indianapolis monastery, she begins a journey into a fascinating hidden world where saints are fabricated of mineral and wood, yolk and blood, earth and time. The process is tedious, and she begins to make mistakes, to become impatient; she doesn't feel ready for the challenge. To prepare herself, Neville makes a vow to write during the 40 days of Lent. What emerges is a journal, a meditation, a series of confessions that we are invited to listen to as we follow Neville's sometimes painful attempts to reveal the truth and discover the mystery of her existence. In the layering of colors and moods, her writing is the spiritual equivalent of an icon. As she observes the world around her and applies the paint of language to her observations, she realizes that spirit and matter are not separate--that now and then moments of meaning emerge from daily life, and the stillness and majesty of the universe shine through.


ST. MARY OF ENNUIBOOK ONE: TRANSFIGURATIONAsh Wednesday, 2002Buying TimeA VowA False SpringConfessionI AmHousekeepingA Well Lighted PlaceVocationInside This SkinIn MemoriamSt. AugustineMarriagePlague SundayMondayThose Things I Didn't Know About DeathDisciplineOn Place and TimeSynchronicityMidpointDusk: Third Sunday in LentOn FragilityChildrenWednesdayOn the Cusp Between Wednesday & ThursdayA Window Into RadianceBOOK TWO: CAPTIVABOOK THREE: HOMESundayGraceWednesday Once AgainWitnessThresholdsAnd SoFrogs and KaraokePalm SundayOn Rivers and CherriesMondayTuesdayMidnight, PassoverWednesdayThursdayGood FridaySaturdaySundayTHE JOY OF ALL WHO SORROW


Susan Neville is the author of five collections of creative nonfiction and fiction, including Fabrication; Invention of Flight, winner of the Flannery O Connor Award for Short Fiction; and Indiana Winter (IUP, 1994). She teaches creative writing at Butler University and is on the faculty of the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers."


"In this thoughtful, often lovely book, Neville's honesty is both movingand bracing." -- Ruminator Review
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