Freelancing for Dummies

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Are you ready to fly the corporate coop and become the boss of you? Do you dream of busting out of the cubicle wasteland and finding greener pastures as a freelancer? If so, you're in good company.


Introduction. PART I: Getting Ready to Go It Alone. Chapter 1: Are You a Born Freelancer? Chapter 2: Understanding the Realities of Working for Yourself. Chapter 3: Making the Decision to Freelance. Chapter 4: Laying the Groundwork for Your New Life. PART II: Opening Your Doors for Business. Chapter 5: Forming Your Company. Chapter 6: Organizing Your Office. Chapter 7: Budgeting Your Time. Chapter 8: Building an Extended Staff. PART III: Bringing Your Work to Life. Chapter 9: Creating a Professional Image. Chapter 10: Finding Clients. Chapter 11: Landing Business with Advertising and PR. Chapter 12: Evaluating Jobs and Projects. Chapter 13: Managing Client Relationships. Chapter 14: Staying Current. PART IV: Managing Your Money. Chapter 15: Budgeting and Accounting. Chapter 16: Setting Rates and Collecting Fees. Chapter 17: Paying Taxes. Chapter 18: Securing Insurance. Chapter 19: Investing for the Future. PART V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Handle Stress and Prevent Burnout. Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Balancing Your Work and Personal Life. Chapter 22: Ten Things Clients Want Most from You. Index. Book Registration Information.


Susan M. Drake has been a successful freelance writer for fifteen years. She covers subjects ranging from working from home to operations management, marketing, and communications.
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