Successful Tourism Marketing

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Januar 2006



A guide to tourism marketing. This second edition is aimed at anyone seeking to promote a tourist "product" or service. It offers practical information and advice directly related to the tourism industry, which can be easily applied. Examples and checklists are included.


Section one: The tourism industry. The travel trade. Needs of the travel trade. Schools and educational travel. Overseas markets. Section two: Developing a marketing plan. What is marketing? Elements of a marketing plan. Current situation. Marketing objectives. Conducting a SWOT analysis. Competitor analysis. Competitive advantage. Market research. Survey methods. Identifying target markets. Monitoring and evaluation. Checklist - marketing action plan. Sample marketing plan - Portobello, London. Section three: Promotional tools. Introduction. Selecting promotional tools. Choosing promotional messages. Brochures and print material. Public relations. Advertising. Using the Internet. Direct mail. Sales activities. Exhibitions. Marketing consortia. Working with tourist boards. Working with consultants. Section four: Case studies and examples of good marketing.


Susan Briggs


"Will benefit anyone seeking to promote a tourism product or service either in the UK or overseas. The book provides clear guidance on developing a marketing plan, developing suitable products and the successful use of promotional tools, as well as giving practical examples of effective campaigns." -- ABTA Magazine
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