Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta

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Juni 2004



Conveys the challenges that Aboriginal people have confronted and celebrates the legacy that they have created. From medicine wheels, buffalo jumps, and rock art images, the story in this book moves forward through the fur trade era, the disappearance of the bison, and the long years of cultural suppression that followed the signing of treaties.


Introduction; The End of the Ice Age; How Old is the Past?; Ancients Tools From the Past; Hunting the Buffalo; A Year in the Life; The Sacred World; Ancient Ways of Living; The People of the Past; The Fur Trade; Northern Ways of Life; Southern Ways of Life; Spiritual Life; In All Their Finery; Suppression and Resistance; Loss and Survival; Reclaiming Voice: Contemporary Initiatives.
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Untertitel: Five Hundred Generations. colour & b/w photos. Sprache: Englisch.
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