Courts and Criminal Justice in Contemporary China

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This book considers 'law on display' in Chinese courts. As the first sustained study of criminal trials, rallies, and campaigns in Chinese courts, it offers an account of how law and punishment is constructed and represented both in practice and in rhetoric.


Chapter 1 Politics and Authority-Building in Criminal Court Work Chapter 2 Courts on Trial Chapter 3 Expressive Punishment: The Court Sentencing Rally Chapter 4 The Rise of the Anti-Crime Campaign in Post-Mao Court Work Chapter 5 Striking Hard: The Politics of Law and Order Chapter 6 Chop-Suey Justice Chapter 7 Courts on the Campaign Path in the Twenty-First Century Chapter 8 Conclusion: Criminal Court Work Then and Now


Sue Trevaskes is professor in the School of Languages and Linguistics at Griffith University.


In this cogently argued volume on the Chinese court system, Trevaskes...examines today's court practices and their antecedents by exploring law as it is used in local court trials, rallies, and campaigns...Highly Recommended. CHOICE, January 2008 A valuable addition to the existing scholarship on Chinese law and practice. -- March 2008 China Quarterly The study provides insightful assessments of the political and legal struggle of the Chinese criminal courts in response to the challenges...The effort the author has made in the data collection is admirable. Asian Journal Of Criminology, June 2008 Empirical research on criminal justice issues in the PRC is scarce, and Susan Trevaskes' study helps fill this gap... This book is lucidly written, and will appeal especially to those whose interests lie in criminal procedure, criminal law, court work and Chinese legal studies. -- Wing Hong Chui The China Journal, January 2009 Highly Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and above. -- S. K. Ma, California State University, Los Angeles CHOICE
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