The Secret Life of Bees

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Februar 2003



A debut novel from an American writer set in 1960s South Carolina. In a segregated community, a teenage girl and her black servant become fugitives, finding sanctuary with three bee-keeping sisters.


Sue Monk Kidd is the author of two widely acclaimed memoirs, THE DANCE OF THE DISSIDENT DAUGHTER and WHEN THE HEART WAITS. Her fiction has appeared in several literary journals. Her second novel, THE MERMAID CHAIR, is published by Review in March 2005. Sue Monk Kidd lives beside a salt marsh in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband.


'Kidd's first novel is well placed, gentle and deeply moving' The Times -- The Times 'A personal favourite, one of those infectiously written books you can't get out of your mind...a lovely tale' Bookseller -- Bookseller 'A tale that's beautifully and movingly written' Buzz -- Buzz
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