Introduction to Dramatherapy

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September 2000



This accessible and comprehensive book shows the importance of theater as a healing experience. The book explains the basic theory and practice of dramatherapy, exploring the subject with an awareness of the place of dramatic expression as a natural part of life. It shows how dramatherapy is of relevance to everyone, exploring the use of drama in different life stages and during different experiences. The drama of life is considered with its significance of roles and scenes, stories and rituals, and the balance of the individual with the group. A clear and thorough investigation of the nature and uses of drama, theater, and dramatherapy is presented as well as diagnostic charts, observation charts, and charts for dramatic history taking.


Introduction: The Story of Ariadne.
1. Why Drama and Dramatherapy?
2. Understanding Your Dramatic Experience.
3. Drama at the Centre and Drama at the Margins: 'Threading Our Way Through'.
4. Processing Your Own Dramatised History: 'Untangling the Thread'.
5. Transitional Dramas: 'Threading Your Way'.
6. Your Own Dramatised Present: 'Weaving Your Own Threads'.
7. Drama Ritualisation and The Living of Life: 'The Need for Knots'.
8. Dramatherapy Core Concepts: 'The Thread Has Led Us Through the Maze'.
9. Dramatherapy in Practice: 'Who Holds the End of the Thread'.
10. My Own Personal Drama: 'Hanging by a Thread'. Appendix: Dramatherapy Questionnaire. Bibliography. Further Reading.


Sue Jennings, PhD has been performing in the professional theatre ever since her first stage appearance at the age of four. She has written and edited over a dozen books on dramatherapy, as well as establishing major training programmes in the UK, Israel and Greece. She has practised dramatherapy in a wide variety of contexts including programmes at Broadmoor Hospital. Currently she is Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster, and teaches in the USA and Israel.
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