Festivals Together

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Festivals Together seeks to enrich and widen our celebration experience and to reflect the "global village" nature of modern society. It is a resource guide for observing special days according to traditions based on many cultures, including Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh. It draws on backgrounds as diverse as north and west Africa, the Caribbean, China, India, Ireland, Japan, New England, the Philippines and more. Its unifying thread is our need for meaning, continuity and joy.A wonderful resource for classroom, family, or community gatherings!


Part 1 Celebration craft: claywork; papier mache models; musical instruments; paper kites. Part 2 Spring: Chinese lantern festival; Holi; Eid-ul-fitr; Purim; St David's Day; April fools Day; Easter; Baisakhi; Wesak; flowers festivals. Part 3 Summer: summer sun; midsummer; midsummer recipes; moonlight nights; Tanabata; Raksha Bandhan; Mawlid-an-Nabi; Janmashtami; more summer food. Part 4 Autumn: spider lore; Nancy stories; harvest; kite flying festival; Thanksgiving; Succot; stories for when the evenings grow longer; Divali. Part 5 Winter: Filipino Fiesta; first snowfall and Mother Holle; winter baking; Chanukah; Christingle; Christmas; Kwanzaa; Chinese New Year.
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Untertitel: A Guide to Multi-Cultural Celebration. 'Festivals and the Seasons'. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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