A Buddhist Catechism

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Oktober 2005



[O]ur little book... is addressed to those for whom material progress and augmented means of luxury do not constitute the goal of life...
-from the Preface

In simple question-and-answer format, this lovely little book explores the basics of Buddhist teachings. Specifically designed for Westerners, this 1920 publication anticipates objections and the need for clarifications from cultural outsides to the faith. Among the questions answered are:

· What is the Buddhist religion?
· Who is the Buddha?
· What is the cause of sorrow, and of death and birth-renewal?
· What is the knowledge which leads us to salvation?
· What is Nirvana?
· What is an evil deed?
· Are there such occurrences as miracles?
· and more.

This excellent introduction for lay readers sings with clarity and poetry even today.

"Subhádra Bhikshu" was the pseudonym of German author and Buddhist scholar FRIEDRICH ZIMMERMANN (1852-1917).
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