The Hindu Diaspora

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Hinduism outside the Indian subcontinent represents a contrasting and scattered community. From Britain to the Caribbean, diasporic Hindus have substantially reformed their beliefs and practices in accordance with their historical and social circumstances. In this theoretically innovative analysis Steven Vertovec examines:* the historical construction of the category 'Hinduism in India'* the formation of a distinctive Caribbean Hindu culture during the nineteenth century* the role of youth groups in forging new identities during Trinidad's Hindu Renaissance* the reproduction of regionally based identities and frictions in Britain's Hindu communities* the differences in temple use across the diaspora.This book provides a rich and fascinating view of the Hindu diaspora in the past, present and its possible futures.


1. Tracing transformations of Hinduism 2. 'Official' and 'popular' religion 3. Religion and Ethnic Ideology 4. Reproduction and representation 5. Category and quandary 6. Community and congregation 7. Three meanings of 'diaspora'


"Of great interest is chapter five, in which Vertovec explores the dynamics of being an Indo-Caribbean Hindu living in England. Here we get some subtle analysis of shifting identities and regional loyalties. Chapter seven is theoretically interesting. In it, the author attempts to demarcate "three meanings" of the term "diaspora." At a time when the term is being used in so many different ways, the author's attempt to delineate what we actually mean when we use the term is welcome. The volume could serve as a useful introductory text for a course on transnational Hinduism.."
-"Religious Studies Review
..."theoretically interesting...the volume could serve as a useful introductory text for a course on transnational Hinduism.."
-"Religious Studies Review, January 2002
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