Get Ready! for Social Studies: World History

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Mai 2002



Everything parents need to help their kids succeed in social studies. . The only comprehensive social studies skill-building series available, the Get Ready! For Social Studies series equips proactive parents with the tools they need to help their children develop the core skills required to perform at grade level in social studies-related subjects.. . Organized chronologically from pre-history to the present, this guide illustrates the developments in all parts of the world during each major time period, including historical events and related economic developments, as well as movements in art, science, technology, and human thought.


38,000 B.C.-5000 B.C. Early Human History; 5000 B.C.-1200 B.C. The First Civilizations; 1200 B.C.-500 B.C. 500 B.C.-A.D. 1 The Classical World; A.D. 1-A.D. 400 Decline of the Ancient World; 400-1000 Early Middle Ages; 1000-1350 High Middle Ages; 1350-1500 End of the Middle Ages/Beginnings of Renaissance; 1500-1600 Late Renaissance; 1600-1750 Trade and Colonization; Enlightenment; 1750-1850 Industry and Revolution; 1850-1900 Rise of Nationalism; 1900-1950 The World at War; 1950-2000 The Modern World


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