On the Edge

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These monologs are the real deal. They take an unflinching look at the things that trouble teens -- the pain and problems of those often-turbulent years. What they are not is sitcom fluffy. This book is not afraid to explore tough issues, such as cheating, addictions, death, teen pregnancy, body image, abuse, depression, popularity and self-image, in a sensitive yet startlingly honest manner. Each monolog comes with sidebar hints and information for the teen actor, as well as tips for the director. The cast of one eliminates the extra work of casting for a group and coordinating rehearsal schedules. The sketches are an ideal supplement to a retreat, youth group event, or Sunday school or Bible study class. Their performance creates just the right atmosphere to address modern moral dilemmas with tact, poignancy and truth. The "Ideas for the Speaker" section that accompanies each script is a practical guide to connect the performance with words of help, hope and instruction afterward.


No Thanks; Bread Crumbs; The Pictures; Now I Gotta Choose; The Night I Wrote the Note; Did You Hear About Wendy?; Stepping Over the Line; Valley of the Shadow; Licking the Fence; The Real Thing; Reflections; Razor's Edge; Fractures; We Called Him Queer; Why I Flunked Gym Class; Skin Deep; The Delivery Boy.
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Untertitel: A Collection of 17 Hard-Hitting Christian Monologs for Youth. Sprache: Englisch.
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