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Comments for Backcover Copy[Viewable in GHEPM only]Post a Comment Word by Word Basic English/Japanese Picture Dictionary, Second Edition, by Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss, is the only truly communicative vocabulary development program. Word by Word Basic is famous worldwide for its ease-of-use, lively spirit, and active conversational approach. The program's unique interactive methodology makes vocabulary learning come alive as a dynamic, communicative experience! Outstanding features of the second edition: *Vibrant illustrations and simpleaccessible lesson pages with large type are designed for clarity and ease-of-use with learners at low-beginning and literacy levels. Word by Word Basic is the most learner-friendly picture dictionary. *More than 2,500 essential words prepare students for success using English in everyday life, in the community, in school, and at work. *A careful research-based sequence of lessons integrates students' development of grammar and vocabulary skills through topics that begin with the immediate world of the student and progress to the world at large.
*Expanded discussion questions encourage students to relate vocabulary topics to their own lives, experiences, and opinions. Innovative supplements provide effective instructional tools for teachers and multilevel options for students: * The English/Japanese Edition presents the second language in blue next to each English word. A monolingual English version is also available.* The Teacher's Guide and Lesson Planner with CD-ROM includes lesson-planning suggestions, community tasks, Internet web links, and reproducible masters. * A Vocabulary Workbook feature motivating vocabulary, grammar, and listening practice (Audio CDs included). * A Lifeskills Workbook provides standards-based activities and reading tied to major curriculum frameworks. * A Literacy Workbook offers fundamental practice with the alphabet and basic reading and writing skills for pre-Beginners (Audio CD included). * The Audio Program includes all words and conversations for interactive practice and - as bonus material - an expanded selection of WordSongs for entertaining vocabulary practice through music.
*Color Transparencies and Vocabulary Game Cards are ideal picture resources for introducing, practicing, and reviewing vocabulary. * The Testing Program and ExamView CD-ROM provide effective tools for assessment of student progress.


1 Personal Information and Family Personal Information Family Members I Family Members II 2 At School Classroom Objects The Classroom Classroom Actions I Classroom Actions II Classroom Actions III Prepositions Places and People at School 3 Common Everyday Activities and Language Everyday Activities I Everyday Activities II Leisure Activities Everyday Conversation I Everyday Conversation II The Weather 4 Numbers/Time/Money/Calendar Cardinal Numbers Ordinal Numbers Time Coins Currency The Calendar Time Expressions and Seasons 5 Home Types of Housing and Communities The Living Room The Dining Room The Bedroom The Kitchen The Baby's Room The Bathroom Outside the Home The Apartment Building I The Apartment Building II Household Problems and Repairs I Household Problems and Repairs II Cleaning Your Home Tools and Home Supplies 6 Community Places Around Town I Places Around Town II Places Around Town III Places Around Town IV The City I The City II 7 Describing People and Physical Descriptions I People and Physical Descriptions II Describing People and Things I Describing People and Things II Describing Physical States and Emotions I Describing Physical States and Emotions II 8 Food Fruits Vegetables Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Dairy Products, Juices, and Beverages Deli, Frozen Foods, and Snack Foods Groceries Household Supplies, Baby Products, and Pet Food The Supermarket Containers and Quantities Units of Measure I Units of Measure II Food Preparation and Recipes Fast Food The Coffee Shop and Sandwiches The Restaurant I The Restaurant II A Restaurant Menu 9 Colors, Clothing, & Shopping Colors Clothing Outerwear Sleepwear and Underwear Exercise Clothing and Footwear Jewelry and Accessories Describing Clothing Clothing Problems and Alterations The Department Store Shopping Video, Audio, Telephones, and Cameras Computers 10 Community Services The Bank Finances The Post Office The Library Community Institutions 11 Health The Body I The Body II Ailments, Symptoms, and Injuries I Ailments, Symptoms, and Injuries II First Aid Medical Emergencies and Illnesses The Medical Exam Medical and Dental Procedures Medical Advice Medicine The Hospital Personal Hygiene Baby Care 12 School Subjects and Activities School Subjects Extracurricular Activities Mathematics Measurements and Geometric Shapes English Language Arts and Composition Literature and Writing Geography Science 13 Work Occupations I Occupations II Occupations III Occupations IV Job Skills and Activities I Job Skills and Activities II Job Search The Factory The Construction Site Job Safety 14 Transportation and Travel Public Transportation Prepositions of Motion Traffic Signs and Directions The Airport 15 Recreation and Entertainment Places to Go Individual Sports and Recreation Team Sports Entertainment 16 International Travel and Tourism Types of Travel Arriving at a Destination Hotel Communication Tourist Activities Tourist Communication I Tourist Communication II Appendix Map: The World Countries, Nationalities, and Languages Verb Lists Glossary (Japanese) Glossary (English) Thematic Index
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