Love Songs

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November 2008



Musical / Steven Cagan / 3m, 3f / Simple Sets Love Songs is a truly extraordinary musical theatre experience, the return of romance to the stage! Believe in the healing power of love and romance once again. Steven Cagan's glorious work expresses the truth, beauty and hopefulness that we all strive for in this journey called life through the story of three couples. Jeremy is stuck out of town on a business trip for Roy's ad agency, trying frantically to get back in time for his nuptials. His betrothed, Gaby, is anxious for him to return. Sarah, who has been engaged to Ben for six years, is weary of his failure to commit to her. Ben has been idealizing a kind of love that does not really exist. Roy and Rose, lovers for many years, just enjoy themselves. How will their stories work out? Love Songs is timeless in its appeal. Let there be harmony evermore! "How really is terrific!" - Marvin Hamlisch "Truly, the harmonic color and lyrical poetry make this an extraordinary achievement."- Michael Feinstein "Love Songs - A Musical embraces essential contemporary relationships with humor and compassion. The songs are memorable, the stories are timeless."
- Lynne Taylor-Corbett (Director/Choreographer & Tony Award nominee for Swing!)

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