What If?: Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue

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August 2008



Offers insight into the real and meaningful differences among people and how the power of everyday experiences can be the catalyst for seeing the world through a different lens. This book presents specific ideas of what organizations can do to engage our global world, and build core competencies in diversity and inclusion.


Reframing the World; The Right Environment; A Better Script; Equal Is Not Always Fair; It's in the Details; Below the Surface; Cool Features; A Difference in Weight; Revising Mental Models; Bizeer Gummies; Inaccurate Maps; Harmless Images?; Strange New Worlds; I Know Everything Already; Someday They Will See; Recording Errors; Leading and Doing; File Cabinets; Wanted: Good Role Models; Swimming's Great, Just Don't Get Me Wet; Use One More Club; Nubby Sandals; Changing the Organization; It's the System, Stupid; A New Search Routine; A Late Start; I Hate Board Games; The Power of Magnification; More Cookies; Lion Chase.


* Author Residence: Grand Rapids, MI * Owner, SLRobbins & Associates, consulting firm specializing in diversity
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