On the Trail of the Maya Explorer: Tracing the Epic Journey of John Lloyd Stephens

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März 2007



Steve Glassman retraces John Lloyd Stephens' 1839 route, visiting the same archaeological sites, towns, markets, and churches and meeting along the way the descendants of those people Stephens described, from mestizo en route to the cornfields to town elders welcoming the Norte Americanos. Glassman's work interlaces discussion of the history, natural environment, and architecture of the region with descriptions of the people who live and work there. Glassman compares his 20th-century experience with Stephens's 19th-century exploration, gazing in awe at the same monumental pyramids, eating similar foods, and avoiding the political clashes that disrupt the governments and economies of the area.


Steve Glassman is a Professor of English and Creative Writing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, and author of "Blood on the Moon" and "The Near Death Experiment."


"Author Steve Glassman retraces Stephens' route, visiting the same Maya ruins, Spanish colonial towns, markets, and churches, many of them hardly changed in the 170 years since Stephens and Catherwood visited. Intertwining history, anthropology, and the environment, Glassman presents a wonderful tale of Stephens' adventure and his own. This is a fun and informative book for lovers of Mesoamerica who are drawn to the mysteries of the ancient and modern Maya." - American Archaeology"
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