Brighton Rock

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Steve Chibnall is Leader of the Film Studies pathway and Co-ordinator of the British Cinema and Television Research Group, De Montfort University, Leicester. He is the author of "Get Carter: The British Film Guide 6" (I.B. Tauris).


Steve Chibnall is leader of the Film Studies pathway and co-ordinator of the British Cinema & Television Research Group, De Montfort University, Leicester. His books include Get Carter: The British Film Guide 6 (I.B.Tauris), J. Lee Thompson and as co-editor, British Crime Cinema.


The Bookseller: "offering enthusiasts 'fashionable and lively guides' to classic films." The Veteran, Summer 2005: 'The notes at the end of the volume show how painstakingly well-researched the text has been. 'There are a number of impressive aspects to Steve Chibnall's meticulous examination of Brighton Rock. There is a remarkable level of scholarship evident in the depth of historical investigation undertaken. This provides the basis for a fascinating description of the processes that went into the development of the film.' 'Both books [My Beautiful Laundrette & Brighton Rock] are precise, lucid, clearly organised and offer a wealth of contextual knowledge, as well as providing compelling accounts of what these two very different British films can offer to a contemporary audience. Judging by the quality of these volumes, one can only look forward to the continuing extension and development of this series.' - Robert Shail, Journal of British Cinema and Television

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