Politics on the Internet: A Student Guide

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Oktober 2005



Equips the reader with the skills needed to cut through the mass of material the web offers and use its real power. This book guides the reader to the best online politics sites and sources; breaks the web down into manageable forms ideal for study; deals with issues such as plagiarism and newsgroups; and also empowers study methods.


1. Politics and the Internet 2. Resources on the Internet 3. Evaluating Resources 4. Using the Internet 5. Using the Results 6. Learning and Teaching on the Internet 7. Source Guide


Steve Buckler is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Birmingham. His main research interests are in political theory and political ideology. David Dolowitz is Reader in the School of Politics and communication Studies at the University of Liverpool. His main research interests are in comparative pubic and social policy and in policy transfer between the United States and Britain.
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