Cosmopolitan Desire: Transcultural Dialogues and Antiterrorism in Morocco

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September 2006



An in depth look at how globalization affects Western and Moslem cultures in Morocco. In the Alterations Series.


1 Theater 2 Poetics of Place 3 Cafe Table 4 Symbolic Wounds 5 Possible Cosmopolitans 6 The Predicament of Difference


Stephen William Foster has taught anthropology at Smith College and the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of The Past is Another Country. He is an independent scholar and a nursing administrator at San Francisco General Hospital.


This book is wonderful, and anyone interested in the shock of modernity in the Arab world should read it. Foster's haunting explorations of the hearts and minds of his Moroccan friends is both a portrait of a country and a loving collaboration in its negotiations with a changing world. He combines a storyteller's gift, an anthropologist's intellectual rigor, and a compassionate fascination with desire, confusion, and despair that has only deepened in the course of a remarkable second career in psychiatric nursing. -- Jane Kramer, author of Politics of Memory and Europeans. This is a beautiful book about how individuals respond to globalization processes. It is also a valuable contribution to the literature on Morocco...By focusing on close encounters and the experiences of a few individual Moroccans, Foster reminds us about the complexities of human life and also introduces us to 'Moroccos' that do not usually come to the forefront. -- Miriam Latif Sandbak Journal Of Peace Research, Vol. 44, No. 5, September 2007 Its extensive scholarly commentary and anecdotal approach reflect its author's training as an anthropologist. Foster has done a masterful job of illustrating, through anecdotes, the processes and effects of modernization, at least as they affect Tangiers and such principal Moroccan cities. Foster successfully blends his scholarly and personal itineraries, carrying them forward to a satisfying destination. -- Leland Barrows, Voorhees College H-Net: Humanities and Social Science Reviews Online Stephen Foster invites us to ponder the practice of ethical cosmopolitanism. In a riveting account of his many travels in Morocco-and commentary on his extensive interviews with Moroccans at home and abroad-Foster provides nuanced reflections both on the desire for worldliness and on the ways worldliness brings forth new structures and meanings of desire. The result is absolutely compelling, shedding new light on the transnational tumble of culture and identity, ethics and politics. -- Greg Mullins, author of Colonial Affairs: Bowles, Burroughs and Chester Write Tangier
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