Instilling Ethics

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Juni 2000



Instilling Ethics casts a fresh light on both the historical sources and the contemporary issues of a major preoccupation of our time: ethics. Norma Thompson has compiled essays from prominent scholars in a wide-range of disciplines to address the problems, pretensions, and positive potentialities of ethical practices today. Instilling Ethics offers a new way of connecting today's ethics to the great ethical sources of the past--classical, medieval, and early modern--and presents a wise and witty critique of the current practice of 'professional ethics.'


Chapter 1 Preface Part 2 Sources of Ethical Reflection Chapter 3 Aristotle and the Ethics of Natural Questions Chapter 4 War, Peace, and Republican Virtue: Patriotism and the Neglected Legacy of Cicero Chapter 5 Medieval Jewish and Islamic Themes: Ethics and Religion and Philosophical Attitudes toward Ethics Chapter 6 In Defense of the City: Machiavelli's Bludgeoning of the Classical and Christian Traditions Part 7 Modernity and Problems of Ethical Reflection Chapter 8 Rousseau on the Sources of Ethics Chapter 9 Without Foundations: A New View of Kant Chapter 10 History as Psychology/Morality as Pathology: Nietzsche and the Ethical Tradition Chapter 11 Deconstructing Darwin Chapter 12 Ontology and Ethical "Foundations" in Taylor Part 13 Instilling Ethics Today Chapter 14 Are We Living in an Ethical Age? Chapter 15 Ethics Reform: A Study in Failure Chapter 16 Architecture as Ethical Conduct Chapter 17 The Reality of Information Objects Chapter 18 Full Circle: The Inherent Tension in Ethics from Plato to Plato Chapter 19 Afterword: The Importance of Instilling Ethics


Norma Thompson is associate professor of political science at Yale University.


This is a book that is well worth reading. Its essays are generally lively and thoughtful pieces that collectively engage with significant questions about the present state of ethics. The volume as a whole possesses coherence in raising and answering questions about the contemporary state of ethics. Canadian Journal of Political Science
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