Effective People

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This inspirational book analyses the attitudes and disciplines which make people and the organizations for which they work more effective, more productive and generally more successful. Now revised, including an entirely new chapter on being patient-focused.


* Leadership * Organisation development: what on earth is it? * The team player * Organisational learning: can the right hand know what the left hand is doing? * Human resource management * Attitudes * Being patient focused * Building effective organisations: the lesson of Nigel the bricklayer * Getting to the very heart of the matter * Personal growth: seven essential steps * Actions speak louder than words


Professor of Leadership and Organisation Development, Department of Management, University of Glamorgan, and former founding Chief Executive, NHS Staff College, Wales


From reviews of the First Edition: 'Impressive, wide-ranging and entertaining. A well-researched and readable volume.' THE JOURNAL OF FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT IN PUBLIC SERVICES 'Very practical, full of common sense and interspersed with some interesting anecdotes and analogies. The author has a healthy disregard for many management practices, which does encourage the reader to think outside the box. Eminently readable.' CLINICIAN IN MANAGEMENT
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Untertitel: Leadership and Organisation Development in Healthcare. 2 Rev ed. black & white line drawings, figures. Sprache: Englisch.
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