How Sick Is Your Management?

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Too often you hear people say that they like the people at work, but the job is rubbish. They don't feel that they are getting anywhere. They don't feel valued or appreciated. Many people feel that their working lives could be much more pleasurable if the organisation was managed better. However, feeling that management is letting you down is one thing, being confident enough to challenge, let alone propose alternative approaches, is another. This well written text starts with the assumption that management is not working well - it takes the side of the disenchanted employees. It gives substance to the feeling of disillusionment by articulating the symptoms of poor management. In doing so it raises the bar on what managerial standards employees should expect from their management team. You are most likely to recognise some of these characteristics and the impact they have on the working environment. As a result of this renewed reassurance, you may feel energised to challenge poor management more readily in future. Nearly everyone thinks that they could do it better. But what are the characteristics of a good manager?What cures can be proposed to remedy ailing working practices and redress some of the shortfalls currently exhibited by the bosses?
This text outlines the traits of a good manager and the level of ability that they should have. By identifying such qualities it should help show those aspiring to be good managers what it is they need to do for their own personal development. This book takes a pragmatic approach by identifying normal day-to-day working practices that can either be improved or introduced to make the working lives of employees more pleasurable. And make the company more productive and profitable.

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