Streams of Living Water: Lectionary Devotional for Cycle B [With Access Password for Electronic Copy]

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We all need sustenance for our spiritual journey, and there's no better source of nourishment than reading God's Word. In these pages, Stephen McCutchan helps you fill your cup with a refreshing drink from the Almighty's streams of living water. This complete set of insightful meditations, based on scripture texts from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary, guides you through each Sunday's passages by focusing on key themes and highlighting the central meaning for our everyday lives. This volume is perfect for use as a daily devotional -- five easy-to-follow formats for personal meditation are included, allowing you to combine prayer time with reading one of the week's scripture texts and its accompanying commentary. It's also a valuable reference for sermon preparation, as well as an excellent curriculum for adult classes integrating Bible study with Sunday worship.

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