The Green Mile. The Complete Serial Novel

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November 1999



The No. 1 New York Times bestselling dramatic serial novel and inspiration for the Oscar-nominated film of the same name starring Tom Hanks, the "literary event" ( Entertainment Weekly ) of The Green Mile is now available in its entirety. When The Green Mile first appeared, serialized as one volume per month, Stephen King's The Green Mile was an unprecedented publishing triumph: all six volumes ended up on the New York Times bestseller list - simultaneously - and delighted millions of fans the world over. Welcome to Cold Mountain Penitentiary, home to the Depression-worn men of E Block. Convicted killers all, each awaits his turn to walk the Green Mile, keeping a date with "Old Sparky," Cold Mountain's electric chair. Prison guard Paul Edgecombe has seen his share of oddities in his years working the Mile. But he's never seen anyone like John Coffey, a man with the body of a giant and the mind of a child, condemned for a crime terrifying in its violence and shocking in its depravity. In this place of ultimate retribution, Edgecombe is about to discover the terrible, wondrous truth about Coffey, a truth that will challenge his most cherished beliefs...and yours.



Stephen King, geb. 1947 in Portland, Maine, war zunächst als Englischlehrer tätig, bevor ihm 1973 mit seinem ersten Roman 'Carrie' der Durchbruch gelang. Seither hat gilt er als einer der erfolgreichsten Schriftsteller weltweit. Im November 2003 erhielt er den Sonderpreis der National Book Foundation für sein Lebenswerk. Stephen King lebt mit seiner Frau Tabitha in Bangor, Maine.


"The New York Times" Mr. King now dominates like Carrie at the prom.
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