Positive Therapy: A Meta-Theory for Positive Psychological Practice

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Intended for psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, coaches and psychologists interested in investigating how they engage with clients.


The Positive Psychology Movement and Positive Therapy. Positive Psychology, Fundamental Assumptions, and Values. The Organismic Valuing Process and Person-centred Theories. Client-centred Therapy and Positive Therapies. Therapeutic Process and Positive Psychological Techniques. From Psychopathology to Well-being. Adaptation to Threatening Events: A Positive Psychology Approach. Conclusions: Reflections, Context, and Future


Stephen Joseph is Professor of Psychology, Health and Social Care in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham. His research interests are in understanding how people cope with trauma and adversity and more broadly in positive psychology and its applications. He is also a senior practitioner member of the British Psychological Society's Register of Psychologists who specialise in psychotherapy. P. Alex Linley is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Leicester. He is interested in positive psychology and its applications, especially in relation to psychological strengths, and serves as the Director of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP).


"...The effort to develop good therapeutic innovations from the positive psychology research is a potentially important aim, and Joseph and Linley have commendably begun to tackle this task." - Michael F. Steger, in PsycCritiques, Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books
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