Introduction to the Graphical Kernal System (Gks)

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Februar 1986



This highly acclaimed introduction to the Graphical Kernel System GKS has now been revised and updated following the publication of the International Standard (ISO 7942) in August 1985 and the draft international standard (ISO 8651) for the FORTRAN, Pascal, and Ada GKS language bindings.The main aim of this book is to provide an introduction to the concepts of GKS and the FORTRAN language binding. A basic knowledge of computer graphics is assumed. The first part of the text covers the background and major ideas of the system, and the second covers those features more likely to be required by the specialist graphics programmer. Appendices and an index allow the work to be used as a reference manual.All application programmers with an interest in computer graphics will find this book an invaluable aid.


The authors -- all members of the British team that contributed to the specification of GKS -- have created a very readable tutorial on the Graphical Kernel System. --COMPUTER GRAPHICS The authors manage to explain abstract concepts with simple, yet concise prose...The coverage of the GKS international standard is very thorough. --JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR GRAHICS
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