Ohio Achievement Test Grade 8 Math

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Mai 2005



Score high and succeed on the Ohio Achievement Test Grade 8 mathematics exam! REA's new test prep for the achievement test provides all the instruction and practice students need to excel on this state-required math exam. The book's comprehensive review features numerous examples, diagrams, and charts that illustrate and reinforce key math lessons. Features one full-length practice exam so you can familiarize yourself with the content and format of the actual exam.
- The best test prep available for Ohio students in the 8th grade
- Comprehensive review of every math topic on the exam
- Problems explained with two-color charts, diagrams and illustrations
- Practice achievement test plus answer key and detailed explanations
- Diagnostic tests pinpoint math strengths and weaknesses
- Packed with proven test tips, strategies & drills
- Student-friendly classroom/homework assignments that reinforce key concepts
- Fully aligned with Ohio's Department of Education core curriculum standards

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