Between Hollywood and Moscow: The Italian Communists and the Challenge of Mass Culture, 1943-1991

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Dezember 2000



A study of the cultural policies of the Italian communist party following the collapse of fascismand the struggle with popular consumer culture that led to its demise in 1991.


Acknowledgements; List of illustrations; Introduction BETWEEN HOLLYWOOD AND MOSCOW Politics, culture and society after the fall of Fascism Togliatti and the strategy of the PCI; The premises of hegemony; Resistance, liberation and the battle for a 'New Culture'; Political alliances and cultural policy; The cultural impact of America; The popular cultural alternative BREAD, LOVE AND POLITICAL STRIFE Cold War communism and the development of cultural policy Catholics, culture and society; The PCI and the 'Battle of Ideas'; Left-wing popular culture between folklore and Hollywood; Communist morality and mass audiences WHAT'S GOOD FOR FIAT IS GOOD FOR ITALY Television, consumerism and party identity in the 1950s Economic development and cultural change; 1956 and beyond; Against capitalist modernity; Party culture, popular culture, mass culture; Leisure and social integration FROM ELVIS PRESLEY TO HO CHI MINH Youth culture and cultural conflict between the centre left and the hot autumn Youth culture and political socialization; Diversification on the left; Crisis and transition in cultural policy' 1967-69: Social movements and culture: The political response of the PCI CRISIS, AUSTERIUTY, SOLIDARITY The question of hegemony in the 1970s Modernisation, Marxism and the intellectuals; Reaching for hegemony: California dreaming: Youth culture in the 1970s; National solidarity, 1976-79 WELCOME TO PROSPERITY Economic growth and the erosion of left-wing culture The second economic miracle; The PCI after the historic compromise; Adapting to mass communications; The 'Roman Summers' and the re-invention of cultural policy; The crumbling of an old cultural model THE LAST TANGO The collapse of Communism and the dissolution of the PCI A party in crisis; Cultures of disintegration; The drama of 1989-91 CONCLUSION


Stephen Gundle is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Italian at Royal Holloway, the University of London.


"Between Hollywood and Moscow is an outstanding work that treats the effects of modernization and the development of a mass consumer society in Italy in an original and illuminating manner. It restores a sense of the importance of culture as an integral part of political strategizing, and communicates the shifting meanings of culture over four decades of Italian history." - Ruth Ben-Ghiat, New York University "Between Hollywood and Moscow makes an original contribution to the study of the PCI and post-war Italy in general from a cultural point of view, and reveals the importance of specific cultural strategies and transformations in the political history of the PCI." - John Dickie, University College, London "Between Hollywood and Moscow ... offers scintiallating insight into both the history of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and relations between ideology and mass culture in the twentieth century."--TLS, February 8, 2002 "Between Hollywood and Moscow ... offers scintillating insight into both the history of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and relations between ideology and mass culture in the twentieth century. The book surveys the PCI's interventions in the cultural sphere, high and l ow, in a carefully judged and vividly written sequence, based on a mass of research in archives, journals, newspapers and magazines." --TLS, 8 February 2002
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