Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching: How to Create a Thriving Coaching Practice

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November 2003



This comprehensive, "How To" book offers the tips and tools necessary to build a successful private coaching practice from the ground up, providing sample business and marketing plans, as well as checklists, sidebars, advice on choosing a type of coaching, and information on money management.


Series Preface. Introduction.
1. Decisions, Decisions ... Personal Coaching or Business Coaching?
2. Target Your Market or Waste Your Time.
3. The 12 Largest Markets Where Coaches Are Making Money Right Now.
4. It Takes Money to Make Money: Financing Your Business.
5. What to Buy on a Budget: Creating Your Financial Plan.
6. Building a Successful Business Requires a Solid Plan.
7. You Only Get One Chance: Seven Tools for Making a Great First Impression.
8. Relationships and Referrals: Networking, Strategic Referral Partners, and Centers of Influence.
9. 15 Key Strategies for Finding Your First 10 Clients.
10. Why Most Marketing Fails: The Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Beginning Coaches Make.
11. From Counseling to Coaching: Constructing a Connection, Bridging the Gap, and Defining the Differences.
12. Harnessing the Power of Internet Marketing, E-zines, and Web Sites.
13. The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Coaches. Index.


STEPHEN G. FAIRLEY, MA, RCC, is President of Today's Leadership Coaching, a premier executive coaching and training firm based in Chicago. He is also CEO and Principal Investigator at WorldCast Technologies, Inc. CHRIS E. STOUT, Psyd, MBA, is a licensed clinical psychologist and serves as Illinois's first Chief of Psychological Services for the Department of Human Services/Office of Mental Health. He has published or presented more than 300 papers and twenty-nine books and manuals on various topics in psychology and mental health.
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